Matcha Green Tea Review |Health Benefits

I am sure many of you have seen matcha green tea pictures flooding your social media feeds. Matcha is so popular that it has made the menu at Starbucks and other local coffee shops. Much of the popularity is due to many health benefits. Notable heath benefits from the consumption of matcha green tea include: high antioxidants, boosts brain function, helps prevent cancer, help protect liver, promotes heart heart, and aids in weight loss.

You may be wondering, “Exactly… what is matcha?”. Matcha, much like green tea comes from the camellia sinensis plant. The process for the harvesting of matcha tea is pretty interesting and involves covering the tea plant for 20-30 days before harvest in order to avoid direct sunlight. This process then increases chlorophyll production which aids in increasing the amino acid produced by the plant. Physically this causes the plant leaf to darken. Once harvested, the leaves are grounded into a fine powder (matcha powder). Despite only the leaves being grounded up into powder, matcha contains all of the nutrients from the entire leaf. This causes for a higher caffeine content, compared to to traditional green tea.

I personally love green tea. Green tea is always refreshing and I definitely would describe matcha green tea as a refreshing beverage, particularly when iced. If you are looking for a morning boost, without coffee- this is the drink for you. I must say that if your taste buds are like mine, it will take a few sips to get adjusted to. The initial taste is very earthy. I ordered a grande iced matcha green tea from Starbucks just to see how I would like it. Ordering a grande was a good idea. Matcha green tea is great but is not meant to be consumed in high quantity. I did sip on my grande all morning and I honestly felt more alert and clear minded.

This drink is like a human power booster. I don’t normally like to try new things but I am satisfied that I did. This year, 2020 I am working on trying new things as I continue to improve my health and well being.

Please share with me in the comment whether or not you have or will try matcha green tea. If you have tired it, tell me your thoughts. Do you like it? Who has the best matcha?

I am also interested in what brand you buy for those who make their matcha green tea at home.

Drop a comment with your favorite or local coffee shop.