Thank You Crocs for Honoring Essential Frontline Workers | Free Pair of Crocs for Healthcare

When I first heard the news that Crocs was giving away a free pair of crocs to healthcare workers I thought it was too good to be true. I achieved this opportunity into the back of mind and went on for a few weeks without logging online to inquire more about it.

Last week one of my coworkers made an announcement that she was preparing to log on to get in line ‘online’ to claim her free pair, as part of the Sharing a Pair for Healthcare campaign. With her reminder… I said well why not? There is nothing you can lose, it doesn’t hurt to log on and give it a try. The first day I logged on and waited in line I was not picked for a pair. A few days later I decided to log on again and give it a try. I was actually successful this time around.

After waiting for about 30 minutes I was thanked for my request and received notification that I made the daily limit, and secured my free pair of Crocs. Followed by this confirmation was a message from Crocs:

Thank you for everything you do, day in and day out, but even more so in these difficult times.

Your Appreciative friends at Crocs

Crocs, a company that receives a lot of business and support from healthcare workers giving back to the healthcare community in a time of need is amazing. I have never seen such a company give back to their largest group of customers in a way that Crocs is doing now. With your free pair, Crocs is even covering shipping cost. You do not have to come out of pocket with not a dime!

I am grateful for Crocs, their shoes are comfortable and are easy to clean. Having easy to clean and disinfect shoes are important during this time. It makes it so much easier to bleach wipe them down at the end of each day before bringing them back into your house.

After placing my order I received my shoes in a few days. There was no delay in shipping despite their massive orders. You do not get to select your color, orders are filled based on availability. Yet, I absolutely love the Classic Clogs Ice Blue [Retail Price: $44.99] Crocs that I received.

If you are a healthcare worker please take advantage of this opportunity and request for a free pair of Crocs as a thank you for your service on the frontline of COVID-19 on behalf of Crocs. To request for your free pair visit Crocs- Sharing a Pair for Healthcare. You can get in line each day at 12 pm ET for your free pair.

Erica ❤

A Angel Working Overtime | RoDazzle’s Designs

Through this pandemic a lot of people and companies are honoring men and women who are first responders and those who are on the front line. Not all who serve the community have a actual job or official title. There are many who are working behind the scenes in their spare time around the clock to help others.

Today, I just want to thank those who may have been overlooked. If you are doing something great within your community in order to alleviate the burden of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the effects it has on others- THANK YOU!

A special thank you goes out to my mother in love, Rolanda McKinney of RoDazzle’s Designs on her dedication to crafting and distributing hand made face masks throughout her community. For the past three weeks she has worked day and night, making well over 300 masks.

Her dedication has been unmatched as she worked endless hours a day to keep up with the demand for face masks. And even faced challenges trying to locate supplies such as fabric, thread, and elastic which are all pretty much sold out everywhere. Yet, she continued and improvised in order to satisfy her orders.

Take a look at some of her patterns:

Model: Amber McKinney, @amber.shericefit

I am proud to have her in my life. As a frontline worker I am appreciative that through her dedication I am not effected by the mask shortage. She made sure me and many others have the protection needed to leave out the house each day.

Thank you ma! Continue being a Angel in the community. Your efforts during this time of need is greatly appreciated.

Erica ❤

Focus on Your Mindset | Monday Morning Motivational


This is your Monday morning reminder that you will only get done what you have prioritized and set your mind to accomplish. Open that planner and map out this week if you have not already done so. Items of top priority each day- set out to complete those items first.

I like to manage my to do list from both my Happy Planner and Google calendar. I set reminders each day and I am constantly reviewing my to do list throughout my day as I work from the top item to the bottom.

It’s all about your “mindset”. And your mindset starts from when you wake up to when you rest your head at night. Your success is fully up to you and what you put your mind to. Emotions, thoughts, perceptions, and reactions whether positive or negative is what will shape not only your mindset, but will shape your success for this week.

If you talk about it, it’s a dream. If you envision it, it’s possible. But if you schedule it, it’s real.

Tony Robbins

For this week, let’s focus on being intentional. Intentional in your goals, planning and routines. This morning I woke up a few minutes earlier and did a 15 minute morning yoga session. After getting ready for my day I made a cup of decaf iced coffee complimented with a mix of sugar free vanilla and hazelnut creamer.

As I enjoyed some of my morning coffee I made sure I opened my bible to read before I touched my phone to open any apps. When I did get in the car this morning the first thing I turned on was Charles Stanley In Touch radio. I enjoyed listening to today’s daily devotion, Snared by the Schemer [2 Corinthians 2:1-11] and today on radio, Living the Life that Never Dies by Charles Stanley.

Despite the rain and slippery commute this morning I feel good about this Monday morning. My morning routine was needed in order to get my mind right not only physically, but most importantly spiritually. I am feeling motivated about this week. I know that a negative mind will never give me a positive life. So, each day I live positively with good intentions. As I pour myself and goodness out into the universe, I get each blessing back twofold.

What are your goals for this week? Where is your mindset? How are you starting off your week this morning? Please share with me in the comments.

Erica ❤

How To: Keto Dalgona Coffee | No Sugar Dalgona Coffee Recipe Remake

Dalgona coffee has become popular overnight because of Tik Tok. I have seen hundreds of videos sweep across social media with everyone making dalgona coffee. For those of you that may not have seen or heard of dalgona coffee before today, dalgona coffee is a whipped coffee loaded with sugar. Hence, the name dalgona- meaning … “sweet”in Korean.

This is the perfect sweet coffee treat for anyone who enjoys a rich, thick, and boldly sweet coffee. When I saw the first video I immediately wanted to attempt to remake this but I just didn’t want to indulge in the sugar rush. But, thanks to Joe Duff from The Diet Chef, who posted a keto remake of dalgona coffee. When I came across his post today I scanned my pantry for the ingredients which I will share below and began making this sweet treat.

I am going to share with you The Diet Chef’s recipe on how to recreate a keto dalgona coffee. This is perfect for anyone who is monitoring their sugar intake or has diet restrictions to minimize and/or avoid sugar. This recipe fits into my diet and I am happy that it was simple and easy to recreate.

Let’s get started…


  • 2 Tbsp hot water
  • 2 Tbsp Instant Coffee
  • 5 Tbsp Swerve Confectioners
  • Almond Milk
  • Timer


Add all of the above ingredients into a medium sized bowl. Set timer for 5 minutes. Whisk ingredients for a minimum of 5 minutes or until ingredients turn into a whipped mousse.

Mixing ingredients into a whipped mousse

** Please be advised**Time will vary based on how strong and fast your arm is with whipping.

Pouring whipped mousse into glass

Once, the ingredients reach the consistency of a whipped mousse, add ice in your glass cup. Add unsweetened almond milk to fill about 3/4 of your glass. Scrape your whipped coffee out of the bowl into your glass. To finish off preparing this delicious coffee, use a stirrer to mix the whipped coffee into your glass of ice and almond milk. Voilà! Once fully mixed your keto dalgona coffee is ready to be enjoyed!

If you enjoyed this keto recipe, please head on over and check out The Diet Chef to discover more keto- low carb recipes.

❤ Erica

Monthly Planning With Erica | April Goals

Upcoming Plans for the Month of April

April showers bring May’s flowers. But, will we ever be able to enjoy our Spring or Summer this year? With the majority of States in America encouraging all citizens to quarantine at home it’s hard to imagine what the month of April will bring.

As I sit here and plan out my goals for the month of April, I am trying to be optimistic. Hoping that this pandemic will disappear and fade out as quickly as it swept across the nation. With the majority of businesses closed as a result of local shutdowns, I will be taking this time at home to re-focus on some area in my health and lifestyle that I want to improve.

For the month of April– I will be focusing on:

  • Eating fresh
  • Be more intentional in reading food labels
  • Core strength training

Eat Fresh

I have made a change in how I shop over the past few weeks. My focus is on buying fresh fruits and veggies. Not only is this more cost efficient but eating fresh has a lot of benefits.

10 Reasons to Eat Real Food:

  1. Loaded with important nutrients
  2. Provides vitamins and minerals to support your health
  3. Low in sugar
  4. High in fiber
  5. Improve skin
  6. High in healthy fats
  7. Contrains antioxidants
  8. Supports gut health
  9. Improves dental hygiene
  10. Reduce sugar cravings

On Monday I prepared a zucchini spaghetti, substituting noodles for zucchinis. This is a great low carb dish. And did you know that zucchini has a lot of nutritional value? Zucchini has the following vitamins: vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, and folic acid. Zucchini also contacts antioxidants. Compared to your basic refined pasta noodles, which are higher in calories carbs, lower in fiber, and most other micro-nutrients. Zucchini is a great replacement and a good source for incorporating more vegetable servings in your meals.

Read Food Labels

How many of you actually read the ingredient labels before tossing an item in your cart? Food labels provide imporant information. By reading food labels it can help you make better and more controlled decisions regarding your diet and intake of high sugary foods. It is also imporant to understand what the recommended serving size is for that particular food.

Ingredients are also important to pay attention to when reading food labels. Take a look below and compare the ingredient list for a jar of peanut butter and almond butter.

Since when did peanut butter need all of those additives? This Wegman’s brand of peanut butter is simply NOT peanut butter. It contains: Roasted Peanuts, Sugar, Contains Less than 2% of Fully Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils (Rapeseed, Cottonseed, Soybean), Salt, Molasses. My goal is to eliminate additional sugar, hydrogenated oils, and soy out of my diet.

While, Targets Good & Gather Creamy Almond Butter contains just almonds. This is definitely a healthier option if you are looking for a nut butter. Almond butter is a great source for vitamin E, magnesium, copper, vitamin B2 (riboflavin), and phosphorous. Also, it is a excellent source of monounsaturated fat, protein, and fiber which supports heart health.

Core Strength Training

For those that have been following my blog you know that I enjoy yoga and pilates. Well, I came across an article on the blog, Lorieb a few days ago titled, Planks Still the Best Exercise. The article highlights the benefits of incorporating planking into your exercise routine.

I read this article after being tagged by my husband on Instagram to participate in a push up challenge. My attempt to do a push up was a epic FAIL. It was at that point when I told myself that I am going to focus more on core strength training.

Forearm planking is definitely a good way to engage and strengthen my core. Planks have been proven to help with and alleviate lower back pain. Back pain is something I suffer from since I sit down at my desk the majority of the day. Aside from assisting with alleviating back pain, planking tones your abdominal muscles. This is something all of us women who have bore children can benefit from. This is a exercise that should be done routinely and often, if not daily.

Plank when you wake up. A few minutes while watching television. Plank before bed. For my morning meditation I am going to wake up and set a timer to plank for at least 5 minutes starting out. When mediating you are already focusing and quieting your mind to align with you body. I truly believe that planking will add great value to my meditation practice. Starting off my day with a good workout, and warming up my muscles for the day ahead.

What are your goals for this month? Please share in the comments and let’s hold each other accountable.

-Erica ❤

Body Care Products That I Am Currently Obsessed With

Soap & Glory is a British brand founded in 2006 by beauty entrepreneur Marcia Kilgore. I was immediately attracted to this line because of the marketing. The pictures on each product are so fun and playful. I was not disappointed when I tested each item. The scents are amazing and so fresh.

Soap & Glory has been supporting the Clean of England since 2006. Their goal has been solely to formulate fun, and quality body care products that can fit into anyone’s beauty budget. And Soap & Glory definitely is affordable and worth every penny. Luck me, I was able to catch these products on sale earlier last month at Walgreens (buy 2 and get 1 free). It was a deal that I could not resist.

I have been wanting to sharing my review on these products since the day I purchased them. However, I wanted to be fair and test each item over the course of at least a month so I could provide my readers with honest reviews.


The Way She Smoothes ($12.00)

This softening body lotion is so refreshing and hydrating. The scent is “Call of Fruity” and is blending with the following fruity and exotic fragrances: mango, coconut oils, papaya, passion fruit, and algae extracts.

I love using this lotion in the mornings right out of the shower. The fruity scents is very rejuvenating when waking up and is a great scent to jump start your day.

It has vitamin E and smoothes onto your skin so nice. It is a light weight lotion that is hydrating and lasts at least 12 hours, without having to reapply. One thing that I really like about this lotion is that is easy to rub in and does not leave your skin feeling sticky throughout the day. Those are two of my biggest issues when it comes to lotion.

Want the simple way to smooth, ship-shape skin? That’s SMOOTH SAILING™ Softening Body Lotion – a gorgeously refreshing and hydrating formulation in our tropical CALL OF FRUITY™ fragrance. Be transported to your Caribbean dream holiday without ever leaving your bathroom.

-Soap & Glory

Smoothie Star Body Milk ($12.00)

Body milk is another moisturizing lotion blend. Scented with Smoothie Star Almond & Vanilla. This blend is mixed with the following fragrances: oats, honey, yoghurt and cocoa. I personally prefer to use this lotion at night, right after showering before bed.

The scents are so relaxing and the smell of oats and honey really helps with relaxing you and your body into a good nights sleep. I know this lotion is part of the Smoothie Star line, but it more so reminds me of a vanilla almond milkshake.

This lotion is a deep moisturizing lotion. And I love how it is a bit thicker which makes it perfect for bedtime. After applying this lotion before bed, I wake up with my skin feeling just as hydrated as it was the night before.

Feel like rubbing shoulders (and knees, and elbows) with the elite? Loaded with skin-softening cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil and Soap & Glory’s WATERLOCK™ moisture-trapping matrix, it also conditions thanks to its delicious (but in this case, definitely not edible) oat, yoghurt & honey formula. With its delectable almond, oat & brown sugar scent, it pairs perfectly with Soap & Glory’s Rich & Famous™ Bath & Body Wash and maple-fragranced Breakfast Scrub™ Body Smoother. Soap & Glory is obliged to inform you that despite the hunger-pang inducing scent, Smoothie Star is not a food.

-Soap & Glory


Call of Fruity Bubble in Paradise ($10.00)

For those long days when I just simply need to relax… bubble in paradise helps me do just that. Every once in a while when I have time to myself I like to enjoy a nice hot bubble.

This refreshing body wash is part of the exotic cool formula, blended with the following fragrances: juicy mango and mandarin extracts. While, I enjoy the call of fruity line for Soap & Glory it would be nice if I could find a body wash like the Smoothie Star line with a almond and vanilla scent. I have looked for this but have not come across a Soap & Glory body wash with the almond & vanilla scent. Please comment below if you have a recommendation for me below in the comments.

Cleanse all your troubles away with this incredi-bubbly body wash. The refreshing blend of juicy mango and mandarin extracts makes for an energizing experience! Plus, it’s fragranced with our new CALL OF FRUITY™ exotic scent-sation.

-Soap & Glory

Pretty Active Shower Ranger Cooling Body Wash Original Pink ($9.00)

After every workout this is my go to body wash. When I first picked up this body wash I didn’t realize that it is a cooling body wash. After, my first use I was surprised by the cooling effect.

Reading the label more carefully I realized that it is part of Soap & Glory’s Pretty Active Collection. This body wash is perfect to use after a hot and intense workout. The cooling effect is great to use to relax a sore body and muscles post-workout. The revita-cool formula does exactly what it advertises leaving you feeling fresh, clean and confident after working out.

This body wash is scented with Original Pink and is fruity and floral. Mixed with a refreshing blend of cucumber and chamomile extracts.

Our REVITA-COOL formula, with cooling agents, aloe and cucumber, instantly cools skin to make you feel invigorated and energized. This wash keeps you smelling fresh & odor-free whilst active, leaving you feeling clean and confident. You’ll feel fresher for longer than with your regular body wash. Scented with our signature Original Pink, fruity & floral fragrance to leave skin smelling scent-sational.

-Soap & Glory

Why I Support Soap & Glory

I highly support companies who use good ingredients. Having sensitive skin myself, I look for simple yet quality products; free of dyes and Soap & Glory fits the description. I hope they continue to design their products and use the retro designs that they use. It’s nothing more appealing and sexier than products that make you feel good. Self care is all about creating a enjoyable and fun experience.

Price Comparison and Deals

Since using Soap & Glory I have searched around and compared prices at a few different stores. Walgreen‘s does price this product slightly higher ($2 or so increase), compared to Target. However, Walgreen often runs specials on the Soap & Glory line. Currently, Walgreens is offering: buy 1, get 1 50% off and a free gift with purchase on many of the products in this line. As much as I shop at Target I have not seen Target run a special on Soap & Glory. I am all about sales and getting more bang for my buck.

Have you used Soap & Glory before? If so, what are your favorite products in the line? Comment your favorite products and recommendations in the comment section. On my next store run I will be picking up some of Soap & Glory’s facial care products to try. Subscribe to my blog to stay connected with my latest reviews.

Erica ❤

Working out at Home while America is Social Isolating

Gyms are closed. How are you coping?


Gym is closed? Everyone is social distancing. No worries. You can still work out at home. In a generation where everyone has exclusive gym membership let’s not forget that you can work out from home. Honestly, working out at home is the healthiest and safest thing to do at this time. And for the majority of us working out at home is our ONLY option at this time as states continue to make decisions to shutdown all non-essential businesses with hopes of better managing the spread of COVID-19.

How I am coping through home workouts:

Last night, I started back up with my home workouts which consist of a balanced combination of pilates and yoga. I incorporate strength training- working my core muscles, and meditation. I get the best results out of my workout when I use my resistence bands and light hand weights.


Pilates has really helped me through guided movements and strengthened my ability to control precise movements with repetition. The primary focus when doing pilates is all about posture, alignment, and movement. You must focus on each movement, while staying present and intentional. I feel like I have full control when practicing pilates. Since practicing pilates I have improved my posture and strength.


Yoga has also helped me in building my strength, as I challenge myself with holding each pose. This type of workout is really good at warming up your muscles and improving flexibility and range of motion. With practicing yoga, comes meditation. The intention is “savasana” to gradually relax one body part at a time. Clearing the mind and fully surrounding to the movement. Through yoga meditation it allows you to focus on your breath breathing in and out. This technique is used to calm the mind and relax your body. Yoga is all about the mind-body and spiritual connection and must be continuously practiced.

Working out at home | Hydrate | My Hyrdo Jug

Working out at home may not seem as intense as going to the gym but it can be just as intense and effective. So do not forget to stay well hydrated. Drink water before, during, and after your workout. I have really committed myself to drinking a minimum of 8 glasses (64 oz) of water per day which is the daily recommended.

I find that I am most successful with meeting my daily water intake when I have the right water bottle. The right water bottle has to be big enough to hold the right amount of water for me to drink in a day. I have had some ‘ok’ water bottles that look cute but simply did not hold enough water. I find this to be a major inconvenience. And lets face it if something that you are trying to be a habit is inconvenient– you are simply going to fail at doing it.

There has been too many days when I would not drink nearly as much water as I should because I chose to leave out the house with the wrong type of water bottle. Ultimately, I set myself up for failure. So, when I researched and found a jug that holds 73 oz it immediately sold me.

Purchasing my Hydro Jug was the best thing I could have possible done. Each day I know that I have to finish my jug and I will have exceeded my daily water goal.

It’s super convenient and doesn’t require me to have to purchase water and refill my bottle throughout my day unless I consume more water than average. Another cool thing about Hydro Jug is the super cool sleeves and carries you can purchase to hold your water jug, making it even easier to tote around throughout your day.

The carriers gives you a neat place to store your phone and keys. This is especially helpful for gym days (in the future). I have even incorporate my Hydro Jug in my home workouts by using a full jug as a weight as I squat, similar to a kettlebell.

Please check out the many different colors available.

If you would like 10% off your purchase, please do not forget to use my promo code:


Mountain Nesting | A Weekend of Isolation: 5 Things to Do While Isolated in the Mountains

The world has been dealing with the rapidly spreading coronavirus for weeks now. As more testing is made available, the number of those infected continues to rise. Not only America, but the entire would is in panic.

Bread, toilet paper, and water still remain out of stock in many stores. Schools and local libraries are closed. Restaurants have closed their doors to the public. All American’s have been advised to quarantine for 14 days and practice social distancing.

What better way is there to practice social distance other than running to the mountains? There is no better way for us.

Blue Ridge Mountains

Being a Virginia girl myself, home for me lies within the Blue Ridge Mountains. Beginning in Carlisle, Pennsylvania… stretching all the way to Mount Oglethorpe, Georgia, a total of 615 miles. Trailing through the following states: Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia. Mount Mitchell is the highest point along the Blue Ridge, with an elevation of 6,683.

A weekend nestled away in the mountains is exactly what the doctor recommended for social distancing. Being able to wake up to the sounds of birds chirping, a perfect view of the sun rising, and no traffic since you are miles away from the city. It’s just what we needed and the kids love it when we stay in the mountains. It’s our home away from home, aside from the beach.

What to do while in the mountains

There’s no need to utilize the do-not-disturb feature on your phone. Phone service is nonexistent at this elevation. This weekend gave me time to do the things I enjoy and love with no distractions.

Things to do while in the mountains:

  1. Catch up on reading- Setting time aside to read can be so difficult when you are constantly distracted by notifications from social media, and or surrounded by things to do at home. When I am at home there is always something to do, an item to put back, clothes to be washed, and dishes to be put away. When I am in the mountains there is always time to read and the hours of the day seem longer so I honestly am able to get more reading done with limited distractions.
  2. Study your bible- Use this time for quiet time with God. Set aside time in the morning or evening to pray and open your bible. Study the word. I enjoy using my Bible app to follow daily devotionals.
  3. Play Board Games- Confiscate all electronic devices and bring out the board games. Isolation with family, kids specifically calls for board games. As we disconnected ourselves this weekend, it stretched to the kids as well. We replaces electronic devices with board games like Trouble, Pictionary, and Candyland.
  4. Enjoy Nature- Take a walk and simply breathe in the fresh air. My favorite time to enjoy nature and take a walk is in the morning as the sun is rising, when the dew is still in the air. With each breath I inhale and exhale.
  5. Gather Inspiration- I was able to gather inspiration from Liz Marie Galvan book, Cozy White Cottage. Liz’s blog has given me so much inspiration as I redecorate our home to fit a more rustic farmhouse decor. I recently purchased her book and decided to take it along with me this weekend so I can read through her 100 ways to love the feeling of being at home. So, far her book is amazing and is a easy read. She even includes some D.I.Y to get you started. I have mapped out my next project.

I hope each of you are practicing social distancing and isolation during this time. Don’t look at this as a punishment. Use this time to refocus and cleanse your mental. Catching up doing the things you enjoy and love.

This time will soon pass. Until then, continue to take precautions, practice good hand hygiene, and respect the space of others. Be mindful when making purchases and do not over-buy. Be considerate of the elderly or just others who may need what you are purchasing a excess of.

I pray that each of you remain healthy and safe.

Erica ❤

3 Simple Ways: How to Reduce Stress While Social Distancing

It’s hard to reduce stress when every television channel and social media outlet is reporting news on the COVID-19 epidemic we are facing here in America. Today, the Trump Administration has recommended social distancing across the United States. You are ordered to stay home from work if you are sick. Gathering in groups of 10 have been discouraged and as a result restaurants, clubs, and gyms are closing their doors.

My anxiety and stress has been high as a result of the ongoing changes regarding the rapid community spread of COVID-19. While, at home I have found 3 simple ways that has helped me cope with reducing stress while social distancing.

1. Exercise at Home

Going to the gym is no longer a option. With the gym closing their doors, we must seek alternatives to still incorporating exercise into our lifestyle. Do not allow social distancing hinder your activity level, by becoming a couch potato.

Exercise is known to combat stress. The more physical stress on your body, relieves the mental stress and anxiety you may be feeling. The greatest benefits of exervise is achieved when you exercise daily. Those who fail to exercise daily are at an increased risk of feeling more stressed than those who exercise daily (Jennings, 2018).

Benefits of Exercise

  • Stress hormones: Exercise lowers your body’s stress hormones — such as cortisol — in the long run. It also helps release endorphins, which are chemicals that improve your mood and act as natural painkillers (Jennings, 2018).
  • Sleep: Exercise can also improve your sleep quality, which can be negatively affected by stress and anxiety (Jennings, 2018).
  • Confidence: When you exercise regularly, you may feel more competent and confident in your body, which in turn promotes mental wellbeing (Jennings, 2018).

I have used this time at home to reincorporate yoga back into my daily schedule. My favorite Yogi/Youtuber, Adriene of Yoga With Adriene brings the yoga studio right to your home with her youtube series and yoga practice. I have really been enjoying her session, Yoga for Anxiety and Stress.

Yoga with Adriene

Benefits of Yoga

  • Improved posture
  • Improved flexibility
  • Mindfulness
  • Increasing muscle strength and tone
  • Improve overall health
  • Increase energy levels

If you are seeking ways to remain active I would highly encourage you to implement a simple yoga practice into your daily schedule. If there was ever a good time to start a yoga practice, the time is NOW.

2. Read a Book

Take charge over your health. Pick up that book that has been sitting on your night stand or bookshelf. This is the perfect time to get some reading in while you are at home.

I am currently reading two books and since I have been at home I have had so much time to read. Reading is a excellent stress reducer. I often read right before bed because I love the sense of calmness that reading brings over me.

Benefits of Reading

  • Mental stimulation
  • Stress reduction
  • Memory improvement
  • Improved focus and concentration
The Outer Banks House by Diann Ducharme

Allow reading to clear your mind. Read to escape. I am currently reading, The Outer Banks House by Diann Ducharme. I am mentally on vacation in OBX thanks to this book. The magic about reading that I enjoy is the ability reading has to take you to different places and times. A good book will pull you in to that world and that is amazing to me. I have always enjoyed reading and find that is is my safe haven when I am stressed.

3. Relax and Take a Moment to Your Self

Kiwi and Blueberries

The best thing for you to do if you are self quarantining or simply practicing social distancing, is to simply relax and take a moment to your self. With school being out and the kids at home my days has consisted of a well developed schedule beginning with breakfast, school work, lunch, school work, dinner, and then bedtime. It’s busier staying at home than actually leaving out of the house.

I have been taking advantage of my ME time after the kids go to sleep at night. My nights have looked a little like this…

Curled up on the couch with hubby, watching a good movie — Contagion (2011 Film), and eating a yummy snack (fruit). Tonight, I enjoyed some sliced kiwi with blueberries. I absolutely love fresh fruit and it is my late night indulgence. What are your favorite fruits? And what are you doing to relax and take a moment to yourself?

Erica ❤


Jennings, K.-A. (2018, August 28). Retrieved March 16, 2020, from

Weekend Recap | Sunday Self Care

Sunday is my favorite day of the week. I consider Sunday to be the start of my week, not Monday. Sunday is the day where I typically get all of my planning done for the week ahead, laundry, meal prep, and grocery shopping. Oh, and I never forget to end Sunday with a little self care.

Journey with me on my weekend recap:

Grocery Shopping


This weekend my husband and I decided to grocery shop on Friday instead of Sunday due to the hysteria surrounding a potential America lockdown, due to the rapidly spreading coronavirus. Even when we went out on Friday, the shelves at all of our local stores were bare. But, we managed to get all of our usuals like every week. It was unbelievable to see all empty shelves where all the basics (bread, water, cheese) and toiletries once use to be.

Baby Andrew secured the paper towels in the cart.

Meal Prep


Starting meal prep for this upcoming week is spaghetti. Instead of prepping for the entire week (Monday-Thursday), I decided to only prepare for two days at a time. Through trial and error of meal prepping I found that we would often get tired of what I have prepped by day two or three. Instead of wasting food I decided to meal prep for a few days at a time. By day two or three I can always switch up dinner with something new. Generally, I stick with main base throughout the week. This week my planned meals are based with ground beef.

For later in the week I have planned to make either chili over rice or taco bowls. Basic main ingredient (ground beef) but we have options to tweak the menu with three different dinner options. This keeps the picky eater protesters hushed in my household. But, honestly I also get tired of eating the same thing after day three.

Planning my meal preps for the week with a variety has been very efficient and successful. It still saves me a lot of time from cooking daily in the kitchen and we aren’t wasting food.

Self Care

Check out this amazing skin mask I picked up at Target on clearance. This Que Bella Skin Brightening Papaya Peel Off Face Mask is only $1.99. And the smell is amazing. It smells fruity, just like a papaya. It was a plus that this was actually on clearance at my local Target. I always pick up a few of these every time I go to Target for Sunday nights like this. There’s nothing better or more refreshing that giving yourself a facial or face mask treatment.

A little self care goes a long way. It is a great way to take care of yourself as you move into a new week, a fresh start. After removing my make up tonight I cleansed my face and then spread this peel off face mask on my face with my fingertips. I let it sit for 30 minutes while I loaded the dryer and folded clothes. After 30 minutes, I peeled off the mask and rinsed my face with cold water. I must say… my skin feels amazing and is glowing. This mask even reduced some redness I had been experiencing. I definitely will continue to purchase the Que Bella face masks from Target. This brand is my favorite and works well with my sensitive skin.

Hulu & Chill / Late Night Snack

To conclude my Sunday night, I am curled up on the couch with hubby watching US (2019 film) by Jordan Peele. It’s a awesome movie, go watch if you have not seen it yet. I must warn you that it is a typical Jordan Peele film, good but MIND BLOWING.

My late night snack of choice is fresh strawberries loaded with heavy whipped cream.

I am feeling refreshed and ready for the week ahead. Before bed I will sneak in at least fifteen minutes of reading. That always helps me quiet my mind and fall asleep.


How are you ending your weekend?

What does your Sunday ritual look like?

Erica ❤