Alaina’s Gift Inc. | An Organization Inspired By Pregnancy Loss | Dedicated to Helping Others Who Have Suffered The Loss of A Child

Pregnancy loss is one of the greatest losses a mother and father could possibly endure. Having experienced both pregnancy and infant loss, Alaina’s Gift Inc. is near and dear to the heart of my family and I. A parent cannot and will never be prepared to handle the loss of a child no matter what stage of life, born or unborn.

Delvon & Charie Combo

Alaina’s Gift Inc. is a nonprofit organization founded by Delvon and Charie Combo. Named in honor and memory of their precious daughter, Alaina Michelle. The Combo’s created this nonprofit organization after the loss of their daughter, Alaina to Turner’s Syndrome in January 2017.

Inspired by their own pregnancy loss the Combo’s dedicated themselves to helping other families who also have suffered a pregnancy and infant loss. This organization is solely funded from generous donations and fundraisers.

Alaina’s Gift Inc. Mission:

Our mission is to pay either the full amount or partial amount of medical bills associated with women who have experienced a pregnancy or infant loss.

Alaina’s Gift Inc.

Alaina’s Gift Inc. Vision:

Our vision is to assist as many women as we can each year to relieve the financial stress that comes along with this type of experience.

Alaina’s Gift Inc.

The hardest questions that I am ever asked is: “How many children do you have?” … “Do you just have these two?” These questions make parents who have experienced a loss very emotional. Often, I find myself obligated to explain my loss which is a difficult conversation to have with someone who doesn’t really understand or may have not ever experienced such a loss. These conversations are hard for parents and others. Yet, organizations like Alaina’s Gift Inc. is making this topic an easier topic to openly discuss and talk about. This organization is actively spreading awareness in the community which is greatly needed.

Pregnancy and infant loss should not be a heavy conversation for people to have. “About 1 pregnancy in 100 at 20 weeks of pregnancy and later is affected by stillbirth, and each year about 24,000 babies are stillborn in the United States” (CDC, 2019).

Families are experiencing pregnancy and infant loss each day. And unfortunately, many of those families are left with medical bills. It is a devastating experience to suffer the unexpected loss of your child and then have to be faced with the financial burden of hospital bills on top of funeral expenses. These situations are never planned or expected.

Having experienced firsthand the emotional pain and financial strain of losing a child the Combo family has dedicated themselves to helping women in order to alleviate full or partial financial burdens, but also to provide emotional support and resources to those in need. Ultimately, advocating awareness through their events, volunteer opportunities and fundraisers.

Why We Need Your Help | How You Can Get Involved

Alaina’s Gift Inc. has been made possible through the love and support of others. And this organization will be able to continue to give back to others and their community through your help.

There are many ways for you to offer your support to Alaina’s Gift Inc., whether it is by making a tax deductible donation, attending one of their events, volunteering or participating in their fundraisers.

Upcoming Events at a Glance:

05.09.20: Mommy & Me 5k Run/Walk @ [Location: Occoquan Regional Park]

10.03.20: Remembering Our Angels 5k Walk/Run @ [Location: Occoquan Regional Park]

10.17.20: Relax, Relate, Release Event [Location: TBD]

Donate Today:

Ways to Connect with Alaina’s Gift Inc.

One of the greatest contributions you can also make today is to follow this organization on social media. Please share their posts with your family and friends and help us continue to spread awareness and offer the needed support to Mother’s of Angels in need.




Erica ❤


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Bedtime Story Time at our Community Library

Abby was super excited to visit the library tonight for bedtime story time. This is a great event that allows you to bring your children in their pajamas to listen to 2 bedtime stories while engaging in some fun listening and learning activities in a group setting.

The two books tonight were:

  • Pete the Cat: The Wheels on the Bus by James Dean
  • We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen & Helen Oxenbury

If you have children I highly recommend you get them involved in activities that will build their skills academically and socially. With Abby starting Kindergarten in the fall I have been taking advantage of every opportunity possible to prepare her. The best resource for safe and family friendly activities is your local library and the events are free. I have been doing a good job at keeping up with event dates to make sure we don’t miss anything.

Mommy and Daddy were so proud tonight seeing Abby participate in a group setting with kids that were older than her, although she looked the oldest as tall as she is. To be able to observe how well behaved she was compared to other children who are already accustom to a school setting was astonishing. I definitely reassured us that she is ready for school. Abby has always been independently strong willed and social and that can have it’s pros and cons. However, with a little coaching and discipline she can continue to use those strong skills in positive ways.

Here are some pictures from tonights event:

While at the library tonight Abby returned her books from last week and we picked up 5 more beginner reading books. One thing that I love the most about utilizing our local library is the amount of money you save by checking out books rather than purchasing them. At the end of our check out receipt it shows how much we saved during that visit and the total amount we have saved for the entire year. In just a few visits we have already saved $227.82 for the year. This is absolutely amazing!

Abby has been using Mommy’s library card but is looking forward to upgrading to her own library card when she turns 5 on April 30th. The excitement is real! Despite her using my library card she takes ownership over it like it is hers and she communicates the entire transaction when checking out her books. This has really improved her communication skills.

Side note:

I ordered the book, “The Jesus Storybook Bible” by Sally Lloyd-Jones, to read to Abby at night. I have been researching homeschool curriculum for Kindergarten and found that a lot of parents use this book to build a religious foundation.

We are a very spiritual family and learning about the bible and the goodness of Jesus is critical. This storybook is filled with beautiful pictures and very easy to read short stories that take you through the bible from beginning to end. This will be a nightly ritual for us before bedtime. Tonight was a success and Abby even tried to convince me to read one more story but I had to explain to her that despite her eagerness we must remain disciplined. I am very pleased and blessed that she is eager to learn more about the bible. This definitely gives her something new to look forward to at night before bed.