Motivational Monday: Overcoming Distractions

Virginia Beach, VA

Hello Readers,

It has been about two weeks since my last post. I am back off of a hiatus. Have you ever found yourself feeling in a “rut”? Hold up, before you answer that question let me explain to you what it is to be in a “rut”. To be in a “rut”, is to be settled in a habit. Particularly a boring habit. It’s getting off track and growing comfortable in that habit.

An expression used to describe being in a “rut”, is having a wheel stuck in a groove in the road. This phrase is used often to describe a state of being. This phrase accurately describes how I have been feeling. And it’s been for no apparent reason, other than I simply didn’t feel inspired to blog. During the past two weeks I decided to take a slight break from social media.

Social media is a great way to connect with others but too much connectivity can cause a bigger disconnect in other areas of life. Do not allow social media to become a distraction to your life and goals.

Today I want to talk about distractions and how you can overcome distractions in your life. I really believe that distractions are what causes people to fall into a “rut”.

The average person is distracted or interrupted every 40 seconds when working in front of their computer.

Harvard Business Review

This means that basically when connected to social media or working from a computer, you can’t focus for a single minute before becoming distracted with something else. Once your attention derails, it can take up to 20 minutes to regain focus on your initial task.

Why do we cling to distractions? As humans our attention span is attracted to respond to elements that bring us either pleasure or fear.

The main way you can overcome distractions is by incorporating strategies that can assist with mitigating the distractions in your life. It’s all about setting boundaries and expectations for yourself.

Create a distraction free zone/ritual

Living in a world filled with distractions, the first step is to place limits. Create a distraction free zone. There are a few areas within my home that I have designated as my distraction free zone. Those areas include:

  • Bedroom
  • Dining Room
  • Home Office

When I walk into any of the above rooms I do not bring any distractions with me [iPhone]. My iPhone is something that I would consider to be my biggest distraction. From pings or vibrations I immediately get the urge to reach for my phone to check my notifications.

During moments when I really need to focus time to a specific task I will utilize the do not disturb feature on my iPhone and/or simply leave my phone in another room; in order to reduce distractions. If working directly from your computer close out any unnecessary browsing tabs/windows and sign-out of all social media accounts. This will deter you from stumbling off task while working online.

Set daily intentions

Setting daily intentions will allow you to have a clear understand and visual of what you need to focus on each day. Writing out your daily intentions is a great strategy that will encourage you to work with a greater intent, and focus on priority items.

Decide on the best time that works for your schedule in which you can make a list of your daily intentions. I personally choose to set my daily intentions the night before. This allows me to plan for the day ahead, while waking up with a clear understanding of what tasks I need to accomplish by the end of the day.

Tasks on my daily intention lists are only tasks of high priority. Any task that does not have priority should be listed on a separate list. I highly suggest to keep your daily intention list short. Maybe, commit to three daily intentions. You do not want to lose focus on high priority items that can potentially set you back on deadlines. Setting priorities for your daily intentions is crucial to your success in overcoming distractions.

Focus on difficult tasks first

Distractions often occur because we aren’t feeling challenged enough. Based off my daily intentions and task lists I find myself to be more productive focusing on difficult tasks first. Once I get into a groove, I begin seeing results. Results encourages me to keep working even harder.

If you are focused on challenging and difficult tasks you will not have room for distractions. Distractions only fit into your schedule if you make room for them.

The Distraction Equation:

busywork + less challenging work = greater opportunities for distractions

Set deadlines

Sure, you can devote your day to working on a task. For example, looking ahead into your week you can declare Saturday as your day to declutter. Assigning a task to a entire day is a huge MISTAKE. This does not set boundaries or limitations. And often, this approach will cause you a great deal of anxiety to complete a task with no real bar set on the expectations of the desired results.

Instead, set boundaries. Creating deadlines will allow you to set boundaries and limitations. Rather than vaguely stating Saturday will be the day you will commit to declutter, set a timer and give yourself a set time to complete the task you have chosen to complete. For example, on Saturday I will spend 30 minutes decluttering each room in the house. Whatever, is not completed in that time frame will then be done next time. Limiting the time you give yourself will encourage you to really zone in and focus on the task.

My recommendations will not eliminate distractions in your life. But, you can use my recommendations as strategies to overcome the distractions presenting in your life. You have the ability to change and take charge over the distractions in your life. Now is the time to get out of the “rut” you have been in. If one of your wheels is stuck in a groove in the road- NOW is the time to step out and give yourself a push. The path is still set for travel- get your wheels moving- leave that “old” raggedy groove (bump) in the road behind!

Erica ❤

Motivational Monday: Enjoy the Little Things

Happy Mondayyyy!

Another fresh start to a new week and new goals.

For this week let’s shift our focus and priority on enjoying the little things in life. Although we are still facing chaos within our community as the virus still spreads, we must turn this sad situation into something positive.

Adhering to stay at home orders and guidance from local government can be challenging and simply depressing. I am sure many of you can agree that this season that we are facing is taking a toll on our mental health. Staying inside can derail your everyday activities and turn you into a couch potato.

I highly recommend for you to keep a schedule and pick up a hobby. With cancelled plans and vacations, you have more time to devote to something you enjoy and love. I have decided to buy some indoor plants to liven up my home space and add some greenery to my life. Plants are great and have many benefits. Some benefits include: stress reducer, improve air quality, and helps lower background noise.

Heartleaf Philodendron & Devil’s Ivy

I decided to pick out two tropical foliages for my home. Foliage plants really add a fresh of breath air to your home. They are extremely attractive and are very low maintenance to care for. On the left is a Heartleaf Philodendron and on the right is a Devil’s Ivy.

This past weekend I began doing a lot of research on indoor plants and care recommendations. I came across a very helpful youtube channel, Planterina. Amanda Switzer, is a plant expert and I really enjoy watching her videos on Planterina. I have learned so much about the essentials that plants need to grow from water, nutrients, air, water, light, temperature, space, and time.

In the coming weeks I will be expanding my plant collection and I have also been contemplating whether or not I want to plant a outdoor garden of seasonal fruit and vegetables. Continue following for updates in the coming weeks.

Please share in the comments if this post has inspired you to add a plant to your family. Maybe, even post a picture of your new plant or any other plants you may already have at home. What are your favorite types of plants?

I would also appreciate your help in helping me name my two house plants above. Comment your name recommendations below. Until Wednesday… enjoy the little things (plants) in life.

Erica ❤

Focus on Your Mindset | Monday Morning Motivational


This is your Monday morning reminder that you will only get done what you have prioritized and set your mind to accomplish. Open that planner and map out this week if you have not already done so. Items of top priority each day- set out to complete those items first.

I like to manage my to do list from both my Happy Planner and Google calendar. I set reminders each day and I am constantly reviewing my to do list throughout my day as I work from the top item to the bottom.

It’s all about your “mindset”. And your mindset starts from when you wake up to when you rest your head at night. Your success is fully up to you and what you put your mind to. Emotions, thoughts, perceptions, and reactions whether positive or negative is what will shape not only your mindset, but will shape your success for this week.

If you talk about it, it’s a dream. If you envision it, it’s possible. But if you schedule it, it’s real.

Tony Robbins

For this week, let’s focus on being intentional. Intentional in your goals, planning and routines. This morning I woke up a few minutes earlier and did a 15 minute morning yoga session. After getting ready for my day I made a cup of decaf iced coffee complimented with a mix of sugar free vanilla and hazelnut creamer.

As I enjoyed some of my morning coffee I made sure I opened my bible to read before I touched my phone to open any apps. When I did get in the car this morning the first thing I turned on was Charles Stanley In Touch radio. I enjoyed listening to today’s daily devotion, Snared by the Schemer [2 Corinthians 2:1-11] and today on radio, Living the Life that Never Dies by Charles Stanley.

Despite the rain and slippery commute this morning I feel good about this Monday morning. My morning routine was needed in order to get my mind right not only physically, but most importantly spiritually. I am feeling motivated about this week. I know that a negative mind will never give me a positive life. So, each day I live positively with good intentions. As I pour myself and goodness out into the universe, I get each blessing back twofold.

What are your goals for this week? Where is your mindset? How are you starting off your week this morning? Please share with me in the comments.

Erica ❤

Motivational Monday: Talk About It, Envision It, Schedule It, & Make It Happen . . . Plan Your Success

In order to be truly successful you have to talk about your goals. Speak your plans and success into existence. The law of attraction applies to the success in our life. To be successful we have to put in effort and speak of it before it is even achieved. Go beyond dreaming about your success; make it a reality.

A strategy that I have found to be the most successful in my life is actually writing down my goals and plans. I am a visual person and actually recording my goals and plans allows me to track my progress as I move closer to achieving my goals. This can be done in various ways. I personally use a planner specifically to log and track my goals. Another method you can use to track your goals is through the use of a vision board. A board that you can write your goals on and review daily. The most important part in planning for success is recording your goals/plans and check in proactively daily in order to be reminded of them and be aware of what needs to be done to move a step closer to achieving them.

With so many upcoming projects that I am working on I could not imagine staying organized without planning. Before I take a step out on anything- I plan. This is a crucial habit to establish if you are looking to achieve success. Planning is what it takes to be a successful person.

What steps are you taking in your life to become more successful? Have you encountered any roadblocks in your path? If so, what have you done to remove those hurdles in your path?

I believe in the African-American Proverb, “Each one, Teach One.” If there is something that I find to be helpful to me, I am going to share it with others. We all would be more successful if we supported each other mutually. True success is about supporting and uplifting each other in order to build a better community around us. We all play a vital role within our communities.


Invest In Yourself: You Can’t Get Any Water From a Dry Well

This post came across my news feed on Facebook and I immediately shared it with my friends. It resonated with me personally because I know what it feels like to wake up and go to work each day and give 8 hours to a company and come home feeling drained of energy and peace.

I have been in a place where I was too tired to work on my goals due to lack of inspiration. All because I was giving 8 hours of my day, 5 days a week to a company that was leaving me empty and deprived.

Once I realized that I was in a place of disaster, I proclaimed that something had to change…

Never again will I ever work for a company that does not invest in me.

Never again will I ever work for a company that drains my energy.

Never again will I ever work for company that disurbs my inner peace.

Never again will I ever work for a company that hinders me from focusing on my own goals.

Never again will I ever work for a company that leaves me feeling uninspired.

I don’t know about you by I have so many goals and projects that I have committed too and I refuse to let anything or anyone stand in the way. I don’t make excuses for myself, because I refuse to be the roadblock in my own path.

I am sharing this post with my readers because this is a message that someone needs to hear. Don’t go another day without setting some time aside to focus on you and your goals. We make time for what we want to make time for. If you working on your goals does not fit into your schedule you obviously don’t want to achieve that success you claim to be chasing after.

Time is the greatest investment you can make within yourself. If you are not investing time in yourself you can’t expect to produce results or greatness. You can’t get any water from a dry well.


Motivational Monday: Minimalism

I have been practicing minimalism for a few months now and it is a very positive and proactive strategy that allows me to minimize clutter and live a more stress free life. Minimalism is the process of intentional focus on things that we value the most, and the removal of items that distract us from the important things.

Something, my family has focused more on especially around the holidays is not the gift of giving but the gifting of experiences. We chose trips and experiences over materialist items. Items eventually get tossed or often forgot about as they lose importance, purpose, and relevance. While memories from experiences last a lifetime.

While physical clutter is important and needs tossing, mental clutter is just as important. I found these 7 routines to clear mental clutter very helpful and can be reflected on daily. I encourage you to save this image and keep it near you to reflect back on daily in order live a more stress free and clear minded life.

Please share with me in the comments your progress and/or tips you have implemented into your daily routine. If you have been living a more minimalist lifestyle, please share with me your thought and strategies used.


Motivational Monday: Gratitude

Hello Monday… Hello new week. This post is going up late. Today consisted of multiple doctors appointments and I am just getting a moment to myself since getting home. Getting wrapped up into a busy Monday today made me think a lot about gratitude. Busy Mondays are the product of a busy life. This is a little Monday reminder that despite how busy we get within our days we must take time to reflect on being grateful.

What is gratitude? Gratitude is the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and return kindness. Having gratitude is an important quality that we should constantly challenge ourself to example in our day to day life. When life and/or circumstances are difficult it can be challenging to show gratitude. However, even in moments of adversity we must overlook the negative and embrace a positive attitude and sense of gratitude.

Gratitude has the power to change not only you but everything around you. Some benefits of gratitude include: makes you feel happier, eliminates stress, promotes positivity, heals, improves sleep, boosts self esteem/performance, and improves your relationships with others.

Do not get so caught up in the moment that you forget to thank and appreciate those around you. If you are struggling to be present in the moment and example gratitude you may want to consider keeping a gratitude journal. Writing down what you are grateful for each day is a healthy activity and great reminder in order to be more grateful in your life.

5 Things I am Grateful for:

  1. I am most grateful for my family (love and support).
  2. I appreciate having a supportive following on my blog, which encourages me to show up and post content.
  3. I am most grateful for coworkers that go above and beyond to help me and check on me throughout my pregnancy.
  4. I am grateful for a good team of Physicians in my prenatal care.
  5. I appreciate family time/story time each night with our daughter.

Self Reflection:

What are you grateful for?

I challenge you to complete a 30 days of gratitude challenge. All you need is a journal or notebook. Each day write down your response to the proposed question. Comment below your thoughts and experience. I would love to know how you feel after 30 days. Was this a beneficial activity?


Motivational Monday: New Week, God is in Control, New Doors, New Breaks, New Blessings, Prepare your Mind, Enlarge your Vision

Monday Pep Talk:

Wishing everyone a prosperous new week – happy Monday! I found this quote so inspiring this morning. I do believe that God is doing new things in my life and opening new doors. I have learned to take less control and leave it up to God; everything works out when you let God take control (Just my little spiritual nudge for this week).

Self Reflection Questions:

  • Have you prepared your mind for this week?
  • Have you set your intentions for this week?
  • Is your heart in a positive place?


Motivational Monday: Consistency

Monday Pep Talk:

I hope everyone had a positive Monday and great start to a new week. Monday’s mean new week- new goals. As a reminder, “You don’t have to be extreme, just consistent”. Each step taken daily on your fitness journey will put you a step closer to achieving your goals. However, lack of consistency will result in your own setback. If you are feeling like you are not seeing the results you hoped to achieve, reevaluate your consistency. You can not commit yourself to a part time lifestyle change- it is a daily commitment.

Self Reflection Questions:

  • What actions am I taking daily to remain consistent?
  • Am I achieving what I set out to do?
  • Is a cheat day worth it?
  • Am I consuming foods filled with nutrients?
  • How do I feel?
  • Do I feel proud of myself and my results?

As always I encourage you to share your answers in the comment section. In order to be an inspiration to others, you must be transparent with not only others but yourself as well.


Motivational Monday

I don’t know about you but I need a Monday reminder that I can handle anything that comes my way. First thing in the morning I browse motivational quotes on Pinterest. It’s the motivation in quotes that give me that little reminder to remain positive, no excuses.

Did you fall off last week on any of your goals? Did your week not turn out as planned? Are you swampped with fast approaching deadlines? It’s okay, if you are!

Hello Monday! We are glad you have arrived to give us a fresh start to a new week. I encourage everyone to set some side aside to write down some goals for your week if you have not already done so. I personally dedicate 20-30 minutes each Sunday night before bed updating my planner and writing out my goals for the upcoming week. I find this beneficial in order to keep up with my many tasks, upcoming events, and appointments.

If you have a planner or goals you have to reflect on them often in order to remain on top of them. It is the only way to achieve success.

Share with me and others your rituals in the comments. What are some tips you have found useful for tracking your goals? Are there any challenges you face, and if so have you mapped out a plan to overcome these challenges?