Body Care Products That I Am Currently Obsessed With

Soap & Glory is a British brand founded in 2006 by beauty entrepreneur Marcia Kilgore. I was immediately attracted to this line because of the marketing. The pictures on each product are so fun and playful. I was not disappointed when I tested each item. The scents are amazing and so fresh.

Soap & Glory has been supporting the Clean of England since 2006. Their goal has been solely to formulate fun, and quality body care products that can fit into anyone’s beauty budget. And Soap & Glory definitely is affordable and worth every penny. Luck me, I was able to catch these products on sale earlier last month at Walgreens (buy 2 and get 1 free). It was a deal that I could not resist.

I have been wanting to sharing my review on these products since the day I purchased them. However, I wanted to be fair and test each item over the course of at least a month so I could provide my readers with honest reviews.


The Way She Smoothes ($12.00)

This softening body lotion is so refreshing and hydrating. The scent is “Call of Fruity” and is blending with the following fruity and exotic fragrances: mango, coconut oils, papaya, passion fruit, and algae extracts.

I love using this lotion in the mornings right out of the shower. The fruity scents is very rejuvenating when waking up and is a great scent to jump start your day.

It has vitamin E and smoothes onto your skin so nice. It is a light weight lotion that is hydrating and lasts at least 12 hours, without having to reapply. One thing that I really like about this lotion is that is easy to rub in and does not leave your skin feeling sticky throughout the day. Those are two of my biggest issues when it comes to lotion.

Want the simple way to smooth, ship-shape skin? That’s SMOOTH SAILING™ Softening Body Lotion – a gorgeously refreshing and hydrating formulation in our tropical CALL OF FRUITY™ fragrance. Be transported to your Caribbean dream holiday without ever leaving your bathroom.

-Soap & Glory

Smoothie Star Body Milk ($12.00)

Body milk is another moisturizing lotion blend. Scented with Smoothie Star Almond & Vanilla. This blend is mixed with the following fragrances: oats, honey, yoghurt and cocoa. I personally prefer to use this lotion at night, right after showering before bed.

The scents are so relaxing and the smell of oats and honey really helps with relaxing you and your body into a good nights sleep. I know this lotion is part of the Smoothie Star line, but it more so reminds me of a vanilla almond milkshake.

This lotion is a deep moisturizing lotion. And I love how it is a bit thicker which makes it perfect for bedtime. After applying this lotion before bed, I wake up with my skin feeling just as hydrated as it was the night before.

Feel like rubbing shoulders (and knees, and elbows) with the elite? Loaded with skin-softening cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil and Soap & Glory’s WATERLOCK™ moisture-trapping matrix, it also conditions thanks to its delicious (but in this case, definitely not edible) oat, yoghurt & honey formula. With its delectable almond, oat & brown sugar scent, it pairs perfectly with Soap & Glory’s Rich & Famous™ Bath & Body Wash and maple-fragranced Breakfast Scrub™ Body Smoother. Soap & Glory is obliged to inform you that despite the hunger-pang inducing scent, Smoothie Star is not a food.

-Soap & Glory


Call of Fruity Bubble in Paradise ($10.00)

For those long days when I just simply need to relax… bubble in paradise helps me do just that. Every once in a while when I have time to myself I like to enjoy a nice hot bubble.

This refreshing body wash is part of the exotic cool formula, blended with the following fragrances: juicy mango and mandarin extracts. While, I enjoy the call of fruity line for Soap & Glory it would be nice if I could find a body wash like the Smoothie Star line with a almond and vanilla scent. I have looked for this but have not come across a Soap & Glory body wash with the almond & vanilla scent. Please comment below if you have a recommendation for me below in the comments.

Cleanse all your troubles away with this incredi-bubbly body wash. The refreshing blend of juicy mango and mandarin extracts makes for an energizing experience! Plus, it’s fragranced with our new CALL OF FRUITY™ exotic scent-sation.

-Soap & Glory

Pretty Active Shower Ranger Cooling Body Wash Original Pink ($9.00)

After every workout this is my go to body wash. When I first picked up this body wash I didn’t realize that it is a cooling body wash. After, my first use I was surprised by the cooling effect.

Reading the label more carefully I realized that it is part of Soap & Glory’s Pretty Active Collection. This body wash is perfect to use after a hot and intense workout. The cooling effect is great to use to relax a sore body and muscles post-workout. The revita-cool formula does exactly what it advertises leaving you feeling fresh, clean and confident after working out.

This body wash is scented with Original Pink and is fruity and floral. Mixed with a refreshing blend of cucumber and chamomile extracts.

Our REVITA-COOL formula, with cooling agents, aloe and cucumber, instantly cools skin to make you feel invigorated and energized. This wash keeps you smelling fresh & odor-free whilst active, leaving you feeling clean and confident. You’ll feel fresher for longer than with your regular body wash. Scented with our signature Original Pink, fruity & floral fragrance to leave skin smelling scent-sational.

-Soap & Glory

Why I Support Soap & Glory

I highly support companies who use good ingredients. Having sensitive skin myself, I look for simple yet quality products; free of dyes and Soap & Glory fits the description. I hope they continue to design their products and use the retro designs that they use. It’s nothing more appealing and sexier than products that make you feel good. Self care is all about creating a enjoyable and fun experience.

Price Comparison and Deals

Since using Soap & Glory I have searched around and compared prices at a few different stores. Walgreen‘s does price this product slightly higher ($2 or so increase), compared to Target. However, Walgreen often runs specials on the Soap & Glory line. Currently, Walgreens is offering: buy 1, get 1 50% off and a free gift with purchase on many of the products in this line. As much as I shop at Target I have not seen Target run a special on Soap & Glory. I am all about sales and getting more bang for my buck.

Have you used Soap & Glory before? If so, what are your favorite products in the line? Comment your favorite products and recommendations in the comment section. On my next store run I will be picking up some of Soap & Glory’s facial care products to try. Subscribe to my blog to stay connected with my latest reviews.

Erica ❤

Weekend Recap | Sunday Self Care

Sunday is my favorite day of the week. I consider Sunday to be the start of my week, not Monday. Sunday is the day where I typically get all of my planning done for the week ahead, laundry, meal prep, and grocery shopping. Oh, and I never forget to end Sunday with a little self care.

Journey with me on my weekend recap:

Grocery Shopping


This weekend my husband and I decided to grocery shop on Friday instead of Sunday due to the hysteria surrounding a potential America lockdown, due to the rapidly spreading coronavirus. Even when we went out on Friday, the shelves at all of our local stores were bare. But, we managed to get all of our usuals like every week. It was unbelievable to see all empty shelves where all the basics (bread, water, cheese) and toiletries once use to be.

Baby Andrew secured the paper towels in the cart.

Meal Prep


Starting meal prep for this upcoming week is spaghetti. Instead of prepping for the entire week (Monday-Thursday), I decided to only prepare for two days at a time. Through trial and error of meal prepping I found that we would often get tired of what I have prepped by day two or three. Instead of wasting food I decided to meal prep for a few days at a time. By day two or three I can always switch up dinner with something new. Generally, I stick with main base throughout the week. This week my planned meals are based with ground beef.

For later in the week I have planned to make either chili over rice or taco bowls. Basic main ingredient (ground beef) but we have options to tweak the menu with three different dinner options. This keeps the picky eater protesters hushed in my household. But, honestly I also get tired of eating the same thing after day three.

Planning my meal preps for the week with a variety has been very efficient and successful. It still saves me a lot of time from cooking daily in the kitchen and we aren’t wasting food.

Self Care

Check out this amazing skin mask I picked up at Target on clearance. This Que Bella Skin Brightening Papaya Peel Off Face Mask is only $1.99. And the smell is amazing. It smells fruity, just like a papaya. It was a plus that this was actually on clearance at my local Target. I always pick up a few of these every time I go to Target for Sunday nights like this. There’s nothing better or more refreshing that giving yourself a facial or face mask treatment.

A little self care goes a long way. It is a great way to take care of yourself as you move into a new week, a fresh start. After removing my make up tonight I cleansed my face and then spread this peel off face mask on my face with my fingertips. I let it sit for 30 minutes while I loaded the dryer and folded clothes. After 30 minutes, I peeled off the mask and rinsed my face with cold water. I must say… my skin feels amazing and is glowing. This mask even reduced some redness I had been experiencing. I definitely will continue to purchase the Que Bella face masks from Target. This brand is my favorite and works well with my sensitive skin.

Hulu & Chill / Late Night Snack

To conclude my Sunday night, I am curled up on the couch with hubby watching US (2019 film) by Jordan Peele. It’s a awesome movie, go watch if you have not seen it yet. I must warn you that it is a typical Jordan Peele film, good but MIND BLOWING.

My late night snack of choice is fresh strawberries loaded with heavy whipped cream.

I am feeling refreshed and ready for the week ahead. Before bed I will sneak in at least fifteen minutes of reading. That always helps me quiet my mind and fall asleep.


How are you ending your weekend?

What does your Sunday ritual look like?

Erica ❤