About Erica

Hi Readers,

My name is Erica and I am a blogger and writer from the East Coast. I am wife and mom of 3. My husband just so happens to be my middle school sweetheart. It’s really funny how life works out, bringing us together.

Fun Facts:

I love everything coastal. The beach is my second home; I love to feel the sand between my toes. I have a few obsessions. I have acquired a new love for lighthouses. I absolutely love anything old (history junkie). Downton Abbey is my favorites tv series. I enjoy iced coffee and specialty teas. I own a massive collection of fine china and sterling silver; family heirlooms that I cherish greatly.

I am a major supporter of local businesses. I live for small town bookstores and coffee shops. My husband and I review restaurants in our leisure.

Aside from my full time career in HR, I devote my free time to writing and conducting ancestral research. I have a great interest in current events and love researching the past and history in order to better understand present day.

I am a avid planner and goal setter. My next biggest goal (project) is self-publishing a novel that I am writing. [stay tuned for updates]

I look forward to connecting with each of my readers. Do not hesitate to follow and connect with me on social media. Your continued support is what will keep this blog going.

Prepare yourself for . . .

Life With Erica ❤