July Goals

I am still amazed at how fast this year is flying by. Can you believe that it is July already? My feelings of disbelief of how quickly this year is passing by has really helped me to appreciate the little moments throughout my day… more than before.

I have vowed to be more present over the last few months which has encouraged me to dump social media. Since making this commitment I have had so much more time to do the things I love such as studying my bible and enjoying nature. It’s true that we make time for the things we want to make time for. And with a little more constructive focus on the important things in life, it can truly bring you more joy.

For the month of July here are my goals:

Continue No Social Media & Plan Less

The stress of managing social media is beyond real. The bad thing is that we honestly do not realize how consumed we are with reporting our life and staying up to date on the life of others. It’s so sad how social media can take away so much from our little moments and joys of life. Since eliminating social media I feel that I have been living in the moment and enjoying more of life.

A few weeks ago, my husband I and I planned a spur of the moment trip to the beach. Random unplanned trips is something we always would do before kids and it’s simply something we are passing down to them. These moments are worth every moment and memory. What makes it even better is that that we went to the beach in the middle of chasing a storm. Watching a storm roll through on a hot summer afternoon is an amazing thing to witness and watch.

Family Bible Study

Family bible study has become a important aspect of our family life. Reading the bible to learn and apply life principles are crucial for your spiritual life. It becomes even more real and important when you begin to see how Jehovah can change situations and simply bless you for following his instruction. Having witnessed and seen the power Jehovah working in my life has made it so important to make our family bible study a priority. As parents, it is even more fulfilling to watch how our children observe our practices and behaviors. As we conduct bible study, our children who are like sponges absorb everything that we discuss and watch. It’s a true blessing to see them so eagerly wanting to learn more about Jehovah.

Keep on asking, and it will be given you; keep on seeking, and you will find; keep on knocking, and it will be opened to you.”

Matthew 7:7

Enjoy Nature

I absolutely love nature and it is very therapeutic. Making more time to be present in my life has allowed me to enjoy nature. Stopping to look at the flowers and greenery is a great way to slow the pace of life down around you.

Garden for the Fall Season

For my zone I am looking forward to gardening for the upcoming fall season. Fall season gardening includes: beets, carrots, kale, lettuce, and peas. I have challenged my husband to make me a raised garden bed this month. He is looking forward to this task.

Currently, I am working on a few sprouted seedlings: beans, tomato, and peppers. Not pictured includes: cilantro, mint, thyme, and basil. I do plan on re-potting these very soon. I am looking for a nice herb planter for all of my herbs. Something to keep them right outside of our kitchen for the remainder or the year. If you have any recommendations please leave a comment with a link.


Monthly planning will encourage you to celebrate even the “smallest” wins. What are your goals for the month of July? Share with me in the comments below; no matter how big or small. I am encouraging you to set some goals to smash this month.

I wish you nothing but success and prosperity for the month of July.

❤ Erica

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