Deleting Social Media Changed My Life.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and SnapChat. That’s just a few apps I can name that took away countless seconds, minutes, and hours out of my day. A typical morning for me didn’t begin with waking up and reaching for my bible or waking up and drinking a cup of water. I grew accustom to waking up and reaching right for my phone… opening each app… viewing and clearing notifications. From the moment I opened my eyes in the morning my time and attention was consumed.

It can be so exhausting trying to manage a social life on social media. Spending time drafting posts and taking multiple shots to get the best pictures. The majority of the time when I was out living life I was so focused on taking good pictures that when looking back at those pictures, I then realize that I wasn’t living in the moment. I was physically present… but not connected.

Life is about making memories and living in the moment. Pictures are for capturing those moments, but pictures can be destroyed. Memories are long lasting.

Erica @ Blog Life With Erica

I finally committed to deleting my social media on Sunday. Quitting cold turkey can be hard sometimes. I feel like it’s only natural when I reach for my phone to click to my social app folder and open up a app. But, it’s not there. Honestly, being three days in… I don’t really feel like I am missing much. I really wish I had made this decision early on, especially once 2020 began falling into shambles.

Anytime I opened social media it was overly consuming with negativity of the sad reality of a world we are living in. All of this negativity surrounding the current coronovirus pandemic, politics, and overall injustice is bad for your mental health. And I knew I had to change something if what I was seeing and reading on social media impacted my feelings.

Since deleting social media I have been able to take advantage of more hours in my day. I wake up and reach for my bible FIRST. I even have picked back up on my bible reading plan. And guess what? My husband is joining me on this journey of reading the entire bible. We have had so much more time to study in God’s word. And it’s connecting us even more.

And I can’t forget about how more rested I feel . This is just a quick little update for my friends, family, and readers who may be wondering why I am no longer on social media. Don’t fret- I didn’t delete any of you. I just deleted my accounts. =)

I love you all and will continue to blog on a more regular basis now that I have more time. Continue to follow me on here for updates.

Thank all of you for reading and continuing to follow me on my journey. I hope this post will encourage you to reflect on your time and whether it is being spent in the best way possible. It is crucial to live a balanced life. More life as Drake said.

Life with Erica ❤

4 thoughts on “Deleting Social Media Changed My Life.

  1. I enjoyed reading your blog this morning, that was a big step to take. I applaud you E.. I look forward to tomorrow’s blog from you.❤️


    1. Good Morning Nicole,
      Thank you so much for reading. Yes, this is a big step. I am feeling good about this change though. I definitely, have more time to focus on blogging now. Keep on reading.

      Erica ❤


  2. Same actually… Social media definitely is a rabbit hole that doesn’t add much value. It’s great to hear that you are focusing more on your spiritual journey ❤


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