Hubble Contacts Review

After seeing countless ad’s on Instagram for Hubble contacts I decided to take Hubble up on their current offer, first box of Hubble contacts for only $1 [click here to take 30 second FREE quiz]. It’s not too good to be true. I only paid $1, no additional fees for shipping and handling. My order arrived in a little under one week from placing my order.

My contacts arrived nicely packaged. Hubble is known for providing affordable daily contact lenses. What sold me on this brand is that Hubble contacts advertise that they provide both all-day comfort and sharp vision. I have tried multiple contact brands over the years, Acuvue, Air Optix, Bausch & Lomb, and Dailies just to name a few.

They all have been similarly uncomfortable and caused me to have frequent eye dryness. After multiple attempts at wearing contacts I had given up on wearing them, due to the lack of comfort in the brands I previously tried. Yet, Hubble was convincing enough for me to give contacts a try again.

I have been wearing Hubble’s daily contacts since Sunday. Each day I wear them on average between 8-14 hours. Immediately on the first day when I put them on I noticed how they fit so precisely and are so comfortable that it is easy to forget that I even have them on. I really like that these contacts are made out of a hydrogel material, containing 55% water content, UV protection, and a thin edge. These contacts are perfect for anyone who engages in extended screen time.

Hubble was created to offer people high quality and affordable lenses. I am so thankful that I decided to give Hubble a try. Now, I am able to toss my overly worn monthly contact lenses that I shouldn’t be wearing. Did you know that over wearing your contact lenses can cause severe eye damage? But, sometimes over wearing your monthly contact lenses is a reality due to cost. With Hubble, this bad habit does not have to be your reality.

Hubble makes it easy by providing you with a daily contact lens subscription. You never have to worry about anything, just sign up and in a few days your contacts will be delivered right to your door. It’s hassle-free and if you are like me and care about your environment. Rest assured that Hubble packs their contact with 100% recyclable materials.

Share with me in the comments your experience with wearing contact lens. What do you look when comparing different lens brands. Is comfort a concern for you? Have you tried Hubble before? Comment below.

Erica ❤

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