Thank You Crocs for Honoring Essential Frontline Workers | Free Pair of Crocs for Healthcare

When I first heard the news that Crocs was giving away a free pair of crocs to healthcare workers I thought it was too good to be true. I achieved this opportunity into the back of mind and went on for a few weeks without logging online to inquire more about it.

Last week one of my coworkers made an announcement that she was preparing to log on to get in line ‘online’ to claim her free pair, as part of the Sharing a Pair for Healthcare campaign. With her reminder… I said well why not? There is nothing you can lose, it doesn’t hurt to log on and give it a try. The first day I logged on and waited in line I was not picked for a pair. A few days later I decided to log on again and give it a try. I was actually successful this time around.

After waiting for about 30 minutes I was thanked for my request and received notification that I made the daily limit, and secured my free pair of Crocs. Followed by this confirmation was a message from Crocs:

Thank you for everything you do, day in and day out, but even more so in these difficult times.

Your Appreciative friends at Crocs

Crocs, a company that receives a lot of business and support from healthcare workers giving back to the healthcare community in a time of need is amazing. I have never seen such a company give back to their largest group of customers in a way that Crocs is doing now. With your free pair, Crocs is even covering shipping cost. You do not have to come out of pocket with not a dime!

I am grateful for Crocs, their shoes are comfortable and are easy to clean. Having easy to clean and disinfect shoes are important during this time. It makes it so much easier to bleach wipe them down at the end of each day before bringing them back into your house.

After placing my order I received my shoes in a few days. There was no delay in shipping despite their massive orders. You do not get to select your color, orders are filled based on availability. Yet, I absolutely love the Classic Clogs Ice Blue [Retail Price: $44.99] Crocs that I received.

If you are a healthcare worker please take advantage of this opportunity and request for a free pair of Crocs as a thank you for your service on the frontline of COVID-19 on behalf of Crocs. To request for your free pair visit Crocs- Sharing a Pair for Healthcare. You can get in line each day at 12 pm ET for your free pair.

Erica ❤

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