How To: Keto Dalgona Coffee | No Sugar Dalgona Coffee Recipe Remake

Dalgona coffee has become popular overnight because of Tik Tok. I have seen hundreds of videos sweep across social media with everyone making dalgona coffee. For those of you that may not have seen or heard of dalgona coffee before today, dalgona coffee is a whipped coffee loaded with sugar. Hence, the name dalgona- meaning … “sweet”in Korean.

This is the perfect sweet coffee treat for anyone who enjoys a rich, thick, and boldly sweet coffee. When I saw the first video I immediately wanted to attempt to remake this but I just didn’t want to indulge in the sugar rush. But, thanks to Joe Duff from The Diet Chef, who posted a keto remake of dalgona coffee. When I came across his post today I scanned my pantry for the ingredients which I will share below and began making this sweet treat.

I am going to share with you The Diet Chef’s recipe on how to recreate a keto dalgona coffee. This is perfect for anyone who is monitoring their sugar intake or has diet restrictions to minimize and/or avoid sugar. This recipe fits into my diet and I am happy that it was simple and easy to recreate.

Let’s get started…


  • 2 Tbsp hot water
  • 2 Tbsp Instant Coffee
  • 5 Tbsp Swerve Confectioners
  • Almond Milk
  • Timer


Add all of the above ingredients into a medium sized bowl. Set timer for 5 minutes. Whisk ingredients for a minimum of 5 minutes or until ingredients turn into a whipped mousse.

Mixing ingredients into a whipped mousse

** Please be advised**Time will vary based on how strong and fast your arm is with whipping.

Pouring whipped mousse into glass

Once, the ingredients reach the consistency of a whipped mousse, add ice in your glass cup. Add unsweetened almond milk to fill about 3/4 of your glass. Scrape your whipped coffee out of the bowl into your glass. To finish off preparing this delicious coffee, use a stirrer to mix the whipped coffee into your glass of ice and almond milk. Voilà! Once fully mixed your keto dalgona coffee is ready to be enjoyed!

If you enjoyed this keto recipe, please head on over and check out The Diet Chef to discover more keto- low carb recipes.

❤ Erica

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