Working out at Home while America is Social Isolating

Gyms are closed. How are you coping?


Gym is closed? Everyone is social distancing. No worries. You can still work out at home. In a generation where everyone has exclusive gym membership let’s not forget that you can work out from home. Honestly, working out at home is the healthiest and safest thing to do at this time. And for the majority of us working out at home is our ONLY option at this time as states continue to make decisions to shutdown all non-essential businesses with hopes of better managing the spread of COVID-19.

How I am coping through home workouts:

Last night, I started back up with my home workouts which consist of a balanced combination of pilates and yoga. I incorporate strength training- working my core muscles, and meditation. I get the best results out of my workout when I use my resistence bands and light hand weights.


Pilates has really helped me through guided movements and strengthened my ability to control precise movements with repetition. The primary focus when doing pilates is all about posture, alignment, and movement. You must focus on each movement, while staying present and intentional. I feel like I have full control when practicing pilates. Since practicing pilates I have improved my posture and strength.


Yoga has also helped me in building my strength, as I challenge myself with holding each pose. This type of workout is really good at warming up your muscles and improving flexibility and range of motion. With practicing yoga, comes meditation. The intention is “savasana” to gradually relax one body part at a time. Clearing the mind and fully surrounding to the movement. Through yoga meditation it allows you to focus on your breath breathing in and out. This technique is used to calm the mind and relax your body. Yoga is all about the mind-body and spiritual connection and must be continuously practiced.

Working out at home | Hydrate | My Hyrdo Jug

Working out at home may not seem as intense as going to the gym but it can be just as intense and effective. So do not forget to stay well hydrated. Drink water before, during, and after your workout. I have really committed myself to drinking a minimum of 8 glasses (64 oz) of water per day which is the daily recommended.

I find that I am most successful with meeting my daily water intake when I have the right water bottle. The right water bottle has to be big enough to hold the right amount of water for me to drink in a day. I have had some ‘ok’ water bottles that look cute but simply did not hold enough water. I find this to be a major inconvenience. And lets face it if something that you are trying to be a habit is inconvenient– you are simply going to fail at doing it.

There has been too many days when I would not drink nearly as much water as I should because I chose to leave out the house with the wrong type of water bottle. Ultimately, I set myself up for failure. So, when I researched and found a jug that holds 73 oz it immediately sold me.

Purchasing my Hydro Jug was the best thing I could have possible done. Each day I know that I have to finish my jug and I will have exceeded my daily water goal.

It’s super convenient and doesn’t require me to have to purchase water and refill my bottle throughout my day unless I consume more water than average. Another cool thing about Hydro Jug is the super cool sleeves and carries you can purchase to hold your water jug, making it even easier to tote around throughout your day.

The carriers gives you a neat place to store your phone and keys. This is especially helpful for gym days (in the future). I have even incorporate my Hydro Jug in my home workouts by using a full jug as a weight as I squat, similar to a kettlebell.

Please check out the many different colors available.

If you would like 10% off your purchase, please do not forget to use my promo code:


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