Mountain Nesting | A Weekend of Isolation: 5 Things to Do While Isolated in the Mountains

The world has been dealing with the rapidly spreading coronavirus for weeks now. As more testing is made available, the number of those infected continues to rise. Not only America, but the entire would is in panic.

Bread, toilet paper, and water still remain out of stock in many stores. Schools and local libraries are closed. Restaurants have closed their doors to the public. All American’s have been advised to quarantine for 14 days and practice social distancing.

What better way is there to practice social distance other than running to the mountains? There is no better way for us.

Blue Ridge Mountains

Being a Virginia girl myself, home for me lies within the Blue Ridge Mountains. Beginning in Carlisle, Pennsylvania… stretching all the way to Mount Oglethorpe, Georgia, a total of 615 miles. Trailing through the following states: Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia. Mount Mitchell is the highest point along the Blue Ridge, with an elevation of 6,683.

A weekend nestled away in the mountains is exactly what the doctor recommended for social distancing. Being able to wake up to the sounds of birds chirping, a perfect view of the sun rising, and no traffic since you are miles away from the city. It’s just what we needed and the kids love it when we stay in the mountains. It’s our home away from home, aside from the beach.

What to do while in the mountains

There’s no need to utilize the do-not-disturb feature on your phone. Phone service is nonexistent at this elevation. This weekend gave me time to do the things I enjoy and love with no distractions.

Things to do while in the mountains:

  1. Catch up on reading- Setting time aside to read can be so difficult when you are constantly distracted by notifications from social media, and or surrounded by things to do at home. When I am at home there is always something to do, an item to put back, clothes to be washed, and dishes to be put away. When I am in the mountains there is always time to read and the hours of the day seem longer so I honestly am able to get more reading done with limited distractions.
  2. Study your bible- Use this time for quiet time with God. Set aside time in the morning or evening to pray and open your bible. Study the word. I enjoy using my Bible app to follow daily devotionals.
  3. Play Board Games- Confiscate all electronic devices and bring out the board games. Isolation with family, kids specifically calls for board games. As we disconnected ourselves this weekend, it stretched to the kids as well. We replaces electronic devices with board games like Trouble, Pictionary, and Candyland.
  4. Enjoy Nature- Take a walk and simply breathe in the fresh air. My favorite time to enjoy nature and take a walk is in the morning as the sun is rising, when the dew is still in the air. With each breath I inhale and exhale.
  5. Gather Inspiration- I was able to gather inspiration from Liz Marie Galvan book, Cozy White Cottage. Liz’s blog has given me so much inspiration as I redecorate our home to fit a more rustic farmhouse decor. I recently purchased her book and decided to take it along with me this weekend so I can read through her 100 ways to love the feeling of being at home. So, far her book is amazing and is a easy read. She even includes some D.I.Y to get you started. I have mapped out my next project.

I hope each of you are practicing social distancing and isolation during this time. Don’t look at this as a punishment. Use this time to refocus and cleanse your mental. Catching up doing the things you enjoy and love.

This time will soon pass. Until then, continue to take precautions, practice good hand hygiene, and respect the space of others. Be mindful when making purchases and do not over-buy. Be considerate of the elderly or just others who may need what you are purchasing a excess of.

I pray that each of you remain healthy and safe.

Erica ❤

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