Happy Heavenly Birthday to Our Daughter, Hope <3

Wishing you where here today,

for even just a while.

So I could say happy birthday

and see your loving smile.

The only gifts today will be

the sweet memories you left behind

of laughter joy and happiness.

That echo on, in my mind.

I’ll gaze upon pictures.

I’ll think of you with love.

And hope you’re doing fine

in heaven up above.

May our friends & family in heaven

hold you closely and sing you a song.

And I’ll be sending

a million hugs and kisses

today and all year long.


Dear Hope,

Hope I will never forget this day. The day your Daddy got to hold you for the first time before me. I am glad we have this moment of the two of us holding you for the first time in a picture. This still moment captured in a picture can not speak enough how proud we were this day.

It definitely was a happy moment in our lives. A reminder that we never gave up “Hope” on you even when Doctors doubted that it was even possible for you to make it to delivery. God had a different plan and we trusted in him. Because we trusted and had faith in God, he gave us 11 months to enjoy before he called you home for his purpose.

Today Hope… you and your big sister Abigail would have both been 5 years old together. Our two Irish twins, only 10 months apart. In the 11 months you blessed us on this earth you taught our entire family so much about love. You have given us a strength to endure any and everything that life can and will ever hurdle at us. Because of you, we are stronger.

We love and miss you always.


Daddy, Mommy, Abigail, and Baby Andrew ❤

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