Monthly Goals: March 2020

I use the start of each new month as a opportunity to set new goals. With each day I work towards meeting each goal, taking a step even further towards the finish line (end of the month). Goals don’t have to be big and I’ve learned that you don’t have to make a long list of goals.

However, making a list is the best way to visualize your goals, while keeping track, monitoring your progress and success. Whether, you chose to write down your goals in a notebook or in the notes on your phone, write them down.

A lot of my goals listed for this month are revolving around spring cleaning as we spring forward in a few days. As we transition into a different season, be sure to realign yourself with your goals.

Here is a look inside my March Goals:

  1. Accountability: set phone reminders, create daily to-do lists, track my goals in my planner, and are my goals/ task with others (Hubby) for additional accountability.
  2. Use time blocking: set time blocks in my daily schedule in order to manage my time wisely and most effectively.
  3. Emails: check emails twice daily (am/pm), report spam, and clear junk mail.
  4. Organization: organize home and office space daily.
  5. Budgeting: save my daily coffee money- transfer to savings, meal prep lunch for the entire week
  6. Read more: read 2 new books this month.
  7. Tidying/Declutter: return items to their resting place at home and toss items that do not spark joy (daily).
  8. Workout: Yin Yoga (am/pm), set out yoga clothes each night before bed, and wake up earlier at 4 am for morning yoga.


What are your goals for the month of March? Are there any strategies that you are putting into practice that will assist you in meeting your goals? Do you find that writing down your goals is a helpful tool?

I wish each of you happy planning and an abundance of goal setting success for the month of March.

❤ Erica

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