Coffee and Bible Time | Reading through the Old Testament

Mid last year I discovered a youtube channel– Coffee and Bible Time, hosted by two sisters, Ashley and Taylor. By far, they are my favorite youtubers. Specifically, because their channel content consists of videos about the truth about Jesus Christ and the gospel message.

I wish I had discovered an inspiring channel with young christians like Ashley and Taylor when I was in my teens. I was raised in my home church and attended Sunday school. However, since it was a small church and not many children I did not have the opportunity to really study the bible and connect with other christians my age at that time.

During my teen years I did stray away from church. As a young married adult, I found a new church home and decided in 2016 to rededicate myself to the Lord.

I do appreciate that we are living in a generation where there are church ministries for the youth. Young adults need faith based communities. Ashley and Taylor have created a faith based community online, with 198k followers supporting them.

In August, I purchased a new bible, Crossway ESV Single Column Journaling Bible. I had decided to start journaling as part of my daily devotion. During this time Ashley and Taylor started a bible reading challenge. The challenge was a guide to read through the Old Testament in 26 weeks. I committed to this and was doing well at keeping up. However, I did begin to fall behind and I felt so discouraged. One day, turned into two… two days turned in to two weeks… two weeks turned into a month, etc. This created so much anxiety for me.

When you see that you fall behind on something it can be overwhelming trying to catch up. But, you must keep in mind that making some progress towards catching up is better than no progress.

This past weekend I decided to open my bible back up and continue on with my bible reading challenge. I will not let Satan distract me or discourage me from the word of God. I truly believe that the bible is the living word of God and we must read it daily in order to apply learned principles and navigate through life.

Last night, I finished up week 21 of 36, with reading Jeremiah 21-25. I found that I was consistent in my bible study when I toted my bible everywhere with me. Literally, kept it right in my purse -daily. I do believe that if you want to incorporate something into your life you must make it apart of your routine. Keeping my bible with me is crucial to my success. Treating it like a necessity, eliminates any possible excuses that may arise.

Once I finish the Old Testament I will be continuing on to read the New Testament. My goal is to read the entire bible this year. Since beginning this challenge I have definitely gained so much knowledge and strength in my faith.

It’s never to late to begin this reading challenge. I will link the video below to Ashley and Taylor’s channel: Coffee and Bible Time. Please do not forget to like and subscribe.


2 thoughts on “Coffee and Bible Time | Reading through the Old Testament

    1. Thank you so much for reading. I absolutely love them as well. The two of them have inspired me so much on my spiritual journey, especially for them to be so young. And I absolutely love Mentor Momma. I am so happy that you were led here to my blog. Thank you again for stopping by and sharing that with me.

      Erica ❤

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