Pre-Kindergarten Reading Challenge: Abby’s List of Books Read

Here is a look into Abby’s list of books read:

Our local library has a great handout with books listed for preschool, pre-reading books, and beginning to read books. There is a challenge to read 100 books before Kindergarten and we have committed to checking each book, one by one off our our list. Since Abby finds so much excitement in her weekly library visits this was the perfect way to get her prepared to start Kindergarten in the Fall.

Currently, Abby checks out 5-7 books per week and we read each night. When I saw these handouts at the library a few weekends ago I knew instantly that it was a great way to prepare her for Kindergarten in the coming months. I still let her pick and choose her own books based off of what she would like to read and learn about. Independence and choice is something we value greatly. By allowing Abby to select her own books we have noticed an increase in her excitement towards reading and story time.

In our nightly reading sessions I also incorporate reading from our bible story time book. Each story has a moral and it really has been beneficial in emphasizing the importance of character development. She is learning about character development and doesn’t even realize it; the life lessons learned during our bible story time are important and relates directly to the teaching of faith in our household.


With baby #3 on board I will definitely will be exposing Jr. to books early and continue to use story time as a time for bonding and learning. I already have plans to attend baby story time, an event at our local library when I am out on maternity leave.

I will continue to keep my readers updated on our reading journey. With Sunday approaching- Abby has already bagged her library books from this past week and they are ready to be returned. Hopefully, I will be able to finish reading the book I checked out a few weeks ago (How to Raise Kind Kids by Thomas Lickona) in the next week before Jr. arrival. I have a few other books on my list of books to read that I want to check out while I am on leave.


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