35 Week Appointment Update & Jr. Due Date Predictions: Friends & Family

Today I am 35 weeks and 3 days. My weekly check up went well. I gained 2 lbs since Wednesday (177 lbs) and my blood pressure has been great. I have not dilated yet and baby is still in position and preparing for his big day. His heart rate and activity level is normal and to be expected. I will continue to check in weekly with my OB/Gyn until Jr. arrival. I really can’t imagine him waiting until his due date or after. I have been experiencing so much pressure and sleeping has been a challenge for me. It’s nearly impossible to get comfortable at night, as I toss from one side to the other.

After my appointment today I treated myself to a pedicure. This will probably be my last pedicure until after Jr. I chose a pretty blue in honor of baby boy. Self care is so important and is something I refuse to neglect.


Thank you for everyone who participated by commenting on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with your predictions on when Jr. will arrive in the coming weeks. See below for everyones predictions. I can not wait to see who is correct or close. Currently, 4 weeks and 4 days left to go until my estimated due date 5/14/19.

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