Pregnancy: Week 31 (Update)

Today I had a repeat ultrasound to measure Jr. ❤ and ensure that he is growing well. It’s safe to say that despite me losing body fat in my arms and legs and only gaining a few pounds during this pregnancy- Jr. is packing on his baby fat well. At this rate Jr. is going to be chunky. My OB/GYN predicted correctly- babies are like parasites and they will take everything from you. I wasn’t too worried because my belly seems to be getting bigger and bigger by the second.

Here is a profile picture of Jr. ❤ – Look at those cheeks:

Jr’s Face Profile

This is the best profile picture the tech was able to get today. Apparently, our little bean is in position (head down) and his head is deeply lodged into my pelvis. This was not a shocker since I have been experiencing an increase in pelvic pressure over the past two days. To explain, it feels like I have a yoni egg the size of a soft ball between my legs. I heard the more kids you have, the harder it is to carry since your muscles weaken with each pregnancy. Not sure, how true this is. (Mother of multiples? Share your opinion in the comments)

31 weeks & 4 days

At 31 weeks and 4 days, Jr. is measuring 33 weeks and 6 days. I definitely will be packing my hospital bag this weekend just to be safe. I have been experiencing more frequent braxton hicks but nothing too concerning. I feel like a professional at this point and can not be fooled by false alarms. With our first Andrew and I had so many false alarms. I think we were just overly excited and overly anticipated our first daughter, Abigail’s arrival. Andrew will always remember the one time he ran a red light to get to me because I thought I was in labor with Abigail. (hahaha. . . he still has the red light camera picture and ticket invoice that he is saving for her to repay when she gets a job lol)

With our second daughter, Hope at 34 weeks I knew the morning that I woke up to go to my doctors appointment that it would be the day she would arrive. I really believe as a woman you have the capability of being so in-tuned with your body, especially during pregnancy that you know when the time has come. So, Hope’s arrival was of no surprise for me.

For this third go around I am just riding the wave and we all are patiently waiting for Jr. to make his appearance in the next month or so.

Due date: 5/14/19 – Comment below a guess of the date Jr. will arrive


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