Wednesday Weekly Weigh-In: Pregnancy Edition – Week 30

Thank you for following me another week on my pregnancy and fitness journey. This week marks week 30 in my pregnancy with baby #3. I am committing to documenting my weight gain weekly up until the birth of our bundle of joy. I am taking my readers on this journey with me, consider yourself lucky. 🙂

30 Week Milestones & Current Events:

  • Baby is the size of a Cantaloupe
  • Measuring about 17 inches and 3.5 lbs
  • Baby will start to put on up to a half pound each week up until he is born
  • Experiencing Braxton Hicks daily
  • Having trouble sleeping due to increasingly huge belly
  • Experiencing nightly leg cramps despite incorporating bananas in my diet to increase my potassium
  • The first trimester fatigue that I experienced is returning

I have definitely noticed a difference in my pregnancy carrying our son, compared to our daughters. Our girls gave me nausea in the first trimester, heartburn, and I had endless cravings for sweets. With Jr. I have not noticed a increase in my appetite. My main craving has been anything that contains almonds.

Baby is growing on target and gaining the appropriate weight. While mommy has been leaning out overall and maintaining my weight. It’s a myth when you hear that you have to eat for two while pregnant. It is recommended to only consume an additional   200-400 calories daily in pregnancy, varying by each trimester. Consuming any additional and lack of nutritional value in calories can result in excessive weight gain during pregnancy which definitely will make it harder to return to your pre-pregnancy weight.

With that being said, today I weighed in at 171 lbs. I definitely would say that me holding my phone in last weeks picture added some extra weight. Today I was able to have my friend Jaleesa take the picture of me on the scale, so this weight is more accurate. Tomorrow, I will also have my 30 week appointment and I can reconfirm my weight at that time as well. I am beyond excited as the time gets closer. I am now visiting my OB/Gyn every 2 weeks and time is definitely flying by.

Steak, Shrimp, & Broccoli w/ Cheese

Tonight for dinner I enjoyed steak, shrimp, and broccoli with cheese. It was delicious. After eating Andrew and I went mall walking to walk off some of our food. Walking is one of the best exercises for me during my third trimester. Walking is a great low impact exercise for all ages. Walking at a steady pace allows your heart rate to elevate and can potentially put you in that targeted fat burning zone I discussed on my last post.

While at the mall Andrew and I decided to start our baby registry and looking at all the baby stuff really brought us down memory lane. Just to think about how overboard we went with our first child we definitely have a better sense of what we need and what we will more than likely not even use.

I will continue to keep you updated on my journey. Please do not forget to like, subscribe, and share my blog with others. Comment below or contact me with topics that you would like to read more about. I want to know what interests you. =)


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