Wednesday Weekly Weigh-In: Pregnancy Edition

Happy Hump Day!

Part of the purpose why I created this blog documenting my fitness journey is to also document my life as a Mom and current pregnancy (baby #3). On Wednesdays I will be documenting my weekly weight. I believe this will be a great way to document the weight I have gained from pregnancy based on my pre-pregnancy weight and will also serve as great documentation as I lose these extra pounds after baby is born.



My pre-pregnancy weight: 163 lbs (documented 8/19/2018)

A few weeks later after this picture was taken, my husband and I found out that we were expecting baby #3.

Right at the peak of my workout madness! Once I found out the great news I did cut back on my gym time and substituted the gym with home workouts.

At 29 weeks, I still remain active in my fit lifestyle. However, I focus more on keeping moving, rather than intense cardio and strength training. I use my Fitbit to track my steps daily and it is my goal to not only meet but to exceed my step goal of 5,000 steps daily. I refrain from sitting for long periods of time and having a step goal encourages me to keep moving throughout the day.

Sometimes workout routines need to be adjusted and pregnancy has been that reason for adjustment in my life.

Disclaimer: I highly encourage everyone to speak to their healthcare provider before indulging in intense workouts. Just because you see someone else powering away does not mean it is the best suited workout for you according to your health. Be sure to get the ‘ok’ that you are able to workout and have a clear understanding of any limitations you may have according to your health.

Please excuse my baby bump ❤

29 Weeks Pregnant

Here, we go … today the scale determines that I am 174.2 lbs. Please have consideration for the fact that I am holding my iPhone 🙂 (cut me some slack). I am 29 weeks pregnant, and in my third trimester of this pregnancy.

I definitely would say that as baby is growing bigger and packing on the pounds during this time. I have noticed a rapid increase in my weight according to the scale. Not so much physically, despite my growing belly. All the weight is depositing right around baby as mommy’s belly grows to support the strong boy that he is.



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