Mom Life: Snow Days

Snow Day 2/20/19

A snow day for a Mom looks a little like this: Our 4 year old wakes my husband Andrew and I up at 7 am like she has a job to go to; just to tell us that it is snowing.

We try to convince her to go back in her room and lay down for a few more hours, as we soak up this R&R (rest & relaxation). Ahhh, it feels so good to sleep in next to the one you adore. Feeling their warmth against your skin under the blankets, all snugged together. Oh, and whats even more romantic is the baby bump between you. I think not! — currently 28 weeks [third trimester] and I can’t even spoon my husband anymore.

Is this what snow days have come to? I mean we barely get them it seems like. The weather has been so wacky lately in the DMV. I really can’t remember the last time we had a decent snow. If we are getting snow, I want to be snowed in. I want everything to shutdown- not just the government. Snow plow driver, take the day off- spend it with your family. You do not need to clear the roads today. I need a few days off to tackle my to do list that is growing longer and longer.

The clock hits 8:30 am and my body clock just will not bare to allow me to sleep in any later. I roll over and look at Andrew who also can not sleep in any longer. He is already up scrolling down his phone watching youtube videos. As I reach over to caress his body with all of my love and affection– here comes our 4 year old breaking doors down again.

We both give each other that look. Welp, time to get up. Hungry and pregnant, I suggest we go out and grab something from dunkin doughnuts. Say no more, Andrew is always up for getting out the house to play in the snow. The only doughnuts he was concerned about was the doughnuts he was going to make in empty parking lots, as we purposely slide through the snow. I know somethings will never change and the adventures we go on as a family is one of them.

We conquered this snow day to say the least. We made it out the house to play in the snow for a while. Made our way over to Costco to pick up some items. Hate standing in long lines? Go shopping after the snow has fallen. I highly discourage pre-shopping prior to any major storm. Long lines are so unnecessary! Just make sure you have a special someone in your life that is not scared to drive in adverse weather.

The remainder of our day consisted of watching movies, and naps. It was much needed. I even had a chance to tackle my to do list and check off some goals I met. I also worked on finalizing some business details as we prepare to open our family owned gym to the public.

I followed up with my clients chat and even attend my weekly team call. It feels so good to be connected and see the results and success from your own hard work. This is a great feeling! As a Momprenuer there are so many projects I am working on, this blog being one of them. Time management is everything and this snow day was beneficial in helping me rest and get refocused on my many trades.

How did you spend your snow day? (Comment Below)


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