Started on Instagram- Now, I’m Here

I am sitting here typing away on my laptop thanks to the encouragement of my husband, Andrew.

Sitting here… trying to contemplate what to write about for my initial blog post. Well… I suppose I should share with you how the thought of a blog came about. I was encouraged by Andrew to expand my methods of reaching people on their fitness journey. As my followers grew on instagram, it became evident that people are interested in my personal journey as they travel on their own.

On Instagram I share my life: morning routines, meal planning, meal ideas, results, motivation, etc. I have received a lot of feedback and engagement from followers. While, instagram is a great method of reaching people it is limited regarding posts and details. Blogging offers more options for documenting my journey and offering more information to others.

I plan to use my blog to share recipes, fitness plans, motivation, personal development, and health/wellness related posts. I encourage every reader to comment on each blog post as we grow a community here at Fit Life with Erica (FLWE).


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